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Viking Ice Machine Repair In Acton, CA 93510

We offer quality and affordable Viking Ice Machine repair services in Acton, CA.

Common ice machine issues

There are a number of issues that should warn you of a faulty Viking Ice Machine. These are;
1. The freezer is too warm - for optimal operation the temperature of the Viking Ice Machine should be anywhere between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit; any reading out of that range spells disaster.
2. Faulty switch - if the Viking Ice Machine's switch is defective or accidentally switches itself on/ off then call us for repairs.
3. Low water pressure - you'd need Viking Ice Machine repair services if the kitchen appliance has a defective water inlet valve or if the pressure is low (below 20 PSI).
4. The door switch isn't working - in normal circumstances, the door switch switches on the freezer light and shuts off the Viking Ice Machine. if for any reason the switch doesn't work then the ice dispenser wont work.
5. Ice control boards fail
6. Water filters are clogged - this prevents the flow of water into the Viking Ice Machine thus preventing ice production
7. Water is leaking
8. No ice cube production
9. Defective mold thermostat

Note that there may be some other issues (other those mentioned here) that may be evident on your ice maker. Don't let them inconvenience you; call us at (844) 243-4099 and schedule for a high quality Viking Ice Machine repair service.

Did you know that operating a faulty home appliance like an Viking Ice Machine not only consumes much more electricity? Save money by scheduling for a repair services with us as soon as you notice a problem.